Personal Recount

Topics: English-language films, Family, The House is Burning Pages: 3 (1204 words) Published: September 2, 2012
This event took place quite some time ago, when I was in grade 5 to be exact. However I still remember what took place as if it had just happened yesterday. My family and I were living in Mackay, Queensland and it was a quiet Sunday morning. My step father had left early in the morning around 9AM to go fishing with a few friends, and my mum had already left for work at a local Bowls Club as a barmaid. So this left just my younger brother and I at home with our older cousin (15) who had been staying with us at the time because of personal family reasons. We were all in the lounge room in the centre of the house playing with our Lego blocks whilst watching TV. For some reason I had this sudden urge to go into my room to find something, which I couldn't even figure out yet I still, left the lounge room in search of an object. The next thing I saw still has had me in shock when I think about it, coming directly from behind my clothes wardrobe was a very bright and hot fire that was quickly engulfing one section of the room and the wardrobe was almost completely in flames. I was in such shock that I can remember my mouth dropping and I literally ran back into the lounge room where my cousin and younger brother were still calmly watching TV and screamed at the top of my lungs "There's a fire in my bedroom! Quick we have to do something, there's a fire!” Quickly my cousin and brother sprang to their feet and ran to my room where surely enough the flames had quickly taken over the wardrobe and starting to spread onto the wooden walls and carpet beneath. My cousin yelled for me to get my mum from down the road and to get help. Without thinking I ran outside of the house barefooted with my heart racing a million miles an hour, I almost felt sick in the stomache because I couldn't quite grasp whether this was real or not. People always see house fires on the news and think nothing of it because it hasn't happened to them, and when it finally does happen to you the level of...
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