Personal Reading History

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Personal Reading History
If someone was to study my past reading experiences, my description of the books I read would probably shock them because of what I look for in a novel or book, when I do read. I’ve had some good reads and some bad. My definition of a “good read” might be abnormal to some. If I’m going to enjoy a book I need for the book to have a character that is interchangeable and they have a major conflicting issue, either from the past or something interfering with them in the present. When I choose a book I look for ones that contain intense situations. One example of a book with situations of such would be “Push”, by Sapphire. In “Push” the main character is an African-American teen named Clarice “Precious” Jones. In the book she has to go through the aftermath of molestation from her father and contracting the HIV virus, getting kicked out of high school, and taking care of the two children her father has left her to deal with. Now to me this is a “good read” because it has that intensity that keeps me wanting to read on. The book tells me things that actually happen throughout some peoples’ daily lives. I like reading books that I may not be able to relate too, but someone I know could.

Sadly, all my reading experiences haven’t been positive. My definition of a “bad read” would be a book that I fall asleep on or I can’t relate to. During the 9th grade we had a summer reading assignment that consisted of us reading Homer’s “Odyssey.” To me this book was dense and quite boring. Every time I would try and read I would very easily get tired or bored. Luckily throughout the year we did get more interesting books that were relatable, even to me. Those books kept me awoke during class. While reading books like “Push” and “Beloved” I felt like I was there. I wanted to help them, but knew I couldn’t because it was just text. It made me feel sad at times and happy also for them at certain points in the books. I definitely felt included.

To me my...
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