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  • Published : April 21, 2009
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I grew up in a small town, where the opportunity for personal growth and achievement was always in reach. Town fundraisers and activities were constantly running to help build our community and improve our way of life. This sense of community helped shape my childhood and overall personality. Sports, recreation centers, clubs, and many other township funded activities let me develop team skills and a good work ethic. As I grew older I realized that this town had done so much for me, and I had yet to do something in return. I began my involvement through school, the only way I knew how. I joined school council and many fundraisers throughout the years to help benefit those around me. However, I felt as if I needed to do more for my community. I knew that forty hours of community service were necessary for graduation, but I decided to take that to the next level, donating over five hundred and fifty hours of my time to the community. I spread my time into different areas to try and help every aspect of the community. From the old to the young, the Arts to event planning, I helped out. Although, I had been to busy thinking I was just improving my school and community, that I had not realized how I had been improving myself at the same time. I developed a personality which was unique to me. My thrive for success, determination, work ethic, and knack for contributing, was all developed from my lifetime of involvement. Now I am ready for the next step forward. A place where opportunities lie and dreams are within reach. I know that Queen’s is stepping stone to my future success, and I will do everything I can to ensure Queen’s benefits from my contributions.
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