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Introduction| Page 1-2|
Description of the process A. choice and application of techniques | Page 2- 3 – 4| Analysis A. analysis of research 1. research about my product 2. research about my AOI 3. research for new ideas B. analysis of process and the outcome 1. achieving my goal 2. focusing on area of interaction 3. inspiration 4. planning 5. research 6. Creation C. Evaluation of my product| Page 4 - 5Page 5 – 6 - 7Page 7| Conclusion| Page 8|

Appendix| Page 9 – 10|
bibliography| Page 11|


For my personal project, I have decided to write an essay to shed the light on the topic of technology by making a painting. I chose the project of making a painting because I feel like it is the best way to express myself and because it is like I am reuniting pieces of the puzzle of thoughts, feelings and memories.The inspiration for my personal project came from my realization of the change between our world and the world hundreds of years ago in which I have experienced. I hoped to learn from this project more about surrealism, photography and the artists’ lives. It was really challenging for me to achieve my goal and send my message and I did it through the process of organizing a plan, writing questions to interview artists, producing and performing a video, designing the painting, making a painting and presenting ideas. But before starting anything I made a list of the steps I should follow: 1- Making a mind map

2- Starting to collect ideas for my topic
3- Organize how to do the painting (theme, style, idea…) 4- Interview artists to get more ideas
5- Make a painting
6- Produce a video
7- Double check the essay, painting and video
8- Submit essay
9- Present personal project
10- If possible, put the painting on the internet


I intend to achieve my plan by following the steps carefully and working on time. In order to achieve my plan I had to answer essential questions such as: What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology?

How can I portray the topic of technology through a painting? How can I include photography in my painting?
My area of interaction focus was the human ingenuity for the reason that my project is about how technology changed, developed and how it changed the way we think and this area of interaction shows how humans develop in many different areas which is in my case art.

Description of the process

1- Making a mind map
Because: since there is a deadline, it is time managing and to show you where you are, where you are going, and what you need to do. Date: February
2- Starting to collect ideas for my topic
Because: to make my personal project rich with information.
Date: February
3- Organize how to do the painting (theme, style, idea…) Because: to get my idea straight
Date: February/ March
4- Interview artists to get more ideas
Because: to get more information from artists who have experience Date: April


5- Make a painting
Because: to express the topic through an artistic way
Date: May
6- Produce a video
Because: to show the interviews and because people like watching the steps through a creative way. Date: April May
7- Double check the essay, painting and video
Because: to make sure that everything is right
Date: end of May
8- Submit essay
Because: because of the deadline
Date: end of May
9- Present personal project
Because: to inform the people about my personal project and for people to know the message behind. Date: June 13
10- If possible, upload the painting on the internet
Because: to inform more people about the message.

The best way to show my work is through making my painting in a futuristic way and in a unique way to show how technology changed our lives. My product was a painting; neverthelessI could have expressed my idea through: photography, web designing, sculpture, play…I...
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