Personal Poetry Antholoyg

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Personal Poetry Antholoyg

By | December 2010
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Personal Poetry Anthology

A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee by Egar Allan Poe

For Annie by Edgar Allan Poe

Eulalie by Edgar Allan Poe

Lenore by Edgar Allan Poe

Romance by Egar Allan Poe

The Lake. To __ by Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

To Helen by Edgar Allan Poe

A Dream Within a DreamBy Edgar Allan Poe

In poetry, there are a few ideas we hear over and over again. It is as if all poets have a very similiar way of thinking when writing a poem. This poem, by Egar Allan Poe, contains one of these many ideas. During the second stanza, Edgar Allan Poe tells us that the days of life seems to slip away through his own fingers like the grains of a sand, and no matter how hard Edgar Allan Poe tries, he cannot stop or slow down the passage of time. The poem “A Dream Within a Dream” most certainly represents Edgar Allan Poe's life, as it is oftently done with his other poems, and it exagerates his own confusion and desperation as he sees all the important things in his life slip away. Once again we have imagery in this poem as we read “Grains of golden sand ---” and “And I hold within my hand”. The sand stands for the important things in his life and also time that he just can't seem to get a hold of or can't seem to let it go by. The tone of the poem is a very powerful one and one can see it as if the author is some what desperate or in panic to be able to grasp the sand and resolve this issue and doughts that he has. The tone is not suprising as Edgar...

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