Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing
I believe that balance is necessary to living a healthy lifestyle. Fun and pleasure are a necessity of life. When you are living healthy, you are building up your immune system, strengthening your body and mind, fueling yourself with nutrients that will help you to grow and progress, and becoming stronger, quicker, confident, conscious, and bettering yourself all-around. Personal Philosophy on Personal Health

I aim to eat as little processed foods as possible, and prefer to eat natural, whole foods. I avoid additives. Food is fuel, and food should also taste incredible. I love to experiment in the kitchen and while it doesn’t always turn out as I had hoped, I still learn something from my faults and perfecting dishes until they taste just as I want them to. Everything in moderation is very important. I also wholly support indulging once in a while- it will taste that much better, and you will also learn over time that the healthy food really does often taste far better than any packaged food that you can find in the grocery store. The majority of our health problems can be sorted out simply if we take better care of ourselves: eating well, exercising often, and above all enjoying life.

Walking, to me, is the best possible exercise there is. Because it is low impact, almost anyone can partake in this “sport”, and the health benefits that are linked with walking are phenomenal. I aim to walk at least an hour each day. I also wear a pedometer daily. I put it on as soon as I wake up in the morning and don’t remove until I go to bed at night.

Combining good nutrition with exercising daily is going to contribute to a much better state of health when it comes to your mind. Your brain functions better when it has a steady flow of nutrients fueling the body and when the body is on the go, moving around. Exercise is also a fantastic form of therapy. If you are surrounded by people day after day, it’s important to take some time...
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