Personal Philosophy

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Personal Philosophy

In this paper I will articulate my own philosophy to my success for years to come. I know that throughout my educational journey I will have many obstacles to face but eventually overcome in order to get closer to my goals. Also I acknowledge that learning new information is not going to be an easy task; but; one way that will help me with my learning abilities is relating the new information with previous information in every possible way as often as possible. Moreover, I will commit to show in my future tests and quizzes that I’m really capable in doing well. In the same vein, making wise choices such as staying at home studying and doing homework rather than going out and have fun will lead me to my success. If I want to achieve my goals I need to learn how to say no, for now education is my priority. Ever since I was a little boy, my mom used to tell me that I can be whoever I wish to be, as long as I go to school and really work hard. I am smart and I should not waste my passion for learning in something that will not take me anywhere. Furthermore, now that I am enrolled in college and have the opportunity that many does not, I feel compromise to show all the great things I can accomplish. Not to mention that I am motivated by my family, I have confidence on myself, I am focused, I am a hard working student; I know that I will do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal. In addition, I can now say that I became more organized with college, homework, and anything related with education. I have always been an organized student and I will continue to do so. Defiantly, playing video games and watch TV are activities that I do once I am done with important duties; it is a rule that I commit myself all the time so that I can follow the right direction towards my education. I know that college is nothing like High School where students usually get away with their responsibilities by doing sloppy work, skipping class and not doing...
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