Personal Perspective Paper

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  • Published : January 13, 2006
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Personal Perspective Paper
Clara R. Cobey-Thomas
University of Phoenix

Personal Perspective Paper
The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to use valuable resources in a learning environment. During the course of this MBA program at the University of Phoenix (UOP), I have been asked to examine three particular tools: rEsource (an electronic library), learning teams, and a nine step problem-based learning model. In addition, I will address how using these resources will benefit me as a current student to meet specific goals and objectives. The Value of rEsource

As a UOP online student, you have access to their electronic library named rEsource. This is deemed to be an excellent tool for performing searches related to course materials. During week one of my course, I had to familiarize myself with the UOP's electronic location of course materials. First, I viewed the practice page to get a better understanding of how things were set up. For example, there were two format styles shown, a week-by-week breakdown and a single page format. The week-by-week view lists the objectives and assignments that are expected from the student. The single page view presents course materials for the entire course. Also, there were several other links to the course materials. From these links, I explored the following: (1) Learning Team toolkit, which includes a handbook and forms to complete team assignments; (2) University Library which has numerous databases of journals, newspaper articles, periodicals and (3) Center for writing excellence, which provides writing and editorial skills, grading services and many other valuable sources. In addition, after accessing this practice page and many of the links, I had a clearer understanding of how to access the course materials. The Value of Learning Teams

According to University of Phoenix (UOP), learning teams are formed to "create collaborative learning environments in which working adults can share the practical...
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