Personal Perspective Essay

Topics: Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: October 22, 2012
perspetElliott Kozlowski
Personal Perspective Essay
The Harry Potter obsession is fueled by the charismatic characters and the ultimate fantasy that is colorfully painted throughout the novel. Children become hypnotized by the magic spells, the amazing conjuring of potions, the exciting adventures and creatures that could only be found in the deep realms of your mind. This is frightening to some, especially the crazy bible-thumping Christians, Radical Muslims, and crazy parents who are completely blind to the development in today’s youth. These are just a few examples of groups who disagree with this book. But why? Exactly what I said above, They believe that these books provide some sort of brainwashing method embedded deep within the pages of this book. They are afraid that children will convert to some of these “Witch-Craft” techniques and “rituals” which are commonly mentioned throughout the novels. Understandably, parents dislike the violence and death that is plagued though out the novel, but that adds a key element to the book, suspense and excitement. The Harry Potter series is unlike any other story of any book out there, it’s so special and unique because of the way it draws you inside of the story and just absolutely takes you away to a whole different world, it’s quite captivating. The book is so enthralling because it takes you into a realm of flying cars, talking animals, GIANT spiders, wicked spells and much more. As you progress throughout the series you meet tons of amazing characters and read about these characters mastering the hardest spells and conquering the most difficult tasks. These characters are the addiction of the reader, you become entranced in their life and you can step in to their shoes, experience what they experience, and relate to the common world problems of your everyday life. Just because they can shoot spells from their magic wands doesn’t mean they aren’t human. They have common teenage problems such as bullies,...
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