Personal Narrative Essay

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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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Personal Narrative Essay

I do not remember what time the officers grabbed me that night, but I was on the dance floor in a nightclub called the Lonestar and all seemed to be perfect. I suspect perception has plenty to do with beliefs in life, and in this instance my ability to assess my environment accurately was extremely clouded. The next thing I can remember was being pressed to the ground by two police officers, while undergoing questioning and being told I was being placed into protective custody. The clear reason for this was my being a minor in possession of alcohol and obviously diminished in my faculties. When the bars to the cell finally opened, I had yet to sober up from the previous night’s apparent unruly, crass, and uncontrolled alcohol-induced behavior. Honestly though, I had very little recollection of the entire night beyond arriving at the club with friends. Even today, I am uncertain as to the day of the week. However, I can remember this fact; I had about ten minutes to arrive for my job at the bakery. Fortunately, I was being held in a cell in the same town, and the two locations were about ten minute walking distance apart. Fortune is how I looked at it at that time too. I was always trying to rationalize negative circumstances, and this stems from the dysfunctional mindset of an addict. I arrived at work barely on time and in a complete stupor, yet sure of my co-workers ignorance, and more importantly my boss’. I manage to drag myself through the morning with as few errors as possible and headed home for some much needed sleep and of course a fist full of aspirin. I had traversed those unexpected events with the skill of a crime scene investigator, I thought, and that success would only act as a catalyst for continued personal abuse. I had not been drinking for all that long at this time and my problems were only just beginning. I was after all just a teenager and my ignorance, ego, and youth kept me blind to the reality of how destructive this behavior was, to me and also those in my immediate vicinity. My alcohol consumption continued to be a large part of my life and in this next example my abuse of alcohol exacerbates the negative consequences. This example was not long after the previous incident and this would be a more troubling experience which also involved the authorities. I was at my friend Jason’s house, and we were enjoying a few alcoholic beverages. Jason’s mom was divorced and worked nights as a registered nurse. This provided the unsupervised environment which proved to be a fruitful one for allowing undisciplined, irresponsible behavior. Jason and I were both in our senior year of high school and looking forward to the summer, before heading off to college. I never thought I would spend so much time looking back at a time in which I was so excited for the future and be filled with such regret. We had consumed many alcoholic beverages by this point over the course of several hours. We were feeling good and confident, yet we desired to do something more proactive. In our infinite wisdom, we decided to go for a ride in my car. A trip to nowhere in my car, a nineteen eighty five four door Mercury Topaz, turned out to be to somewhere I could have never imagined. We drove for a while without any particular destination, until at some further point in time; we stopped to relieve ourselves of our bodily fluids. This decision was a pivotal one for us. We were in the parking lot of a youth recreation facility. The time was after midnight, but I am uncertain of the exact hour. Jason, for some reason known only to him, decided to enter the structure through an open window. In the still of the night, this action of opening the window set into motion a set of events which would have a resounding effect on both of our lives. The window was equipped with a silent alarm. We were obviously oblivious to this reality, otherwise what was about to occur could have been avoided. As we made our way...
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