Personal Narrative Essay

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Jared MacieENG101
2-8-13Personal Narrative Essay
In my early teens, I met someone who instantly became my best friend, Mike K. -- and through our adventures and exploits I was helped shaped into the man I am today. We were introduced through a mutual best friend, Nate W. They used to call us 'the three amigos' because, for awhile, we were inseparable. We experienced life's beginnings in concert, and grew from young boys to teenagers together while dealing with the same strife. Little did I know that through this new found relationship, I would be exposed to some of the most terrific, upsetting, and just outstanding events of my life. I attribute a good lot of my experiences with Mike and Nate to my character and the person I am today. Both the good and the bad that we've gone through has instilled in me a resolve others take years to achieve. In Mike a made a truly valuable friend; the kind of friend that has such an impact on you mentally, physically, and personally that they will forever be imprinted in your mind. Similar in some ways -- both relatively outgoing, and on the superficial side we both had dark brown eyes and hair, were athletically built (though Mike was more muscular, and I was more toned), and we were generally content, friendly, and looking for our places in the world -- we had a lot to offer each other, as we came from different walks of life. I was an intellectual -- perhaps a bit spoiled and manipulative; two traits I'm not proud to admit I possessed. I could capture I room with my words, make an entrance, and dress to kill. Till this point, I used these attributes to get girls, get promotions within my various groups and activities, and to socially network -- things I learned from my father at a young age or figured out on my own through trial and error. Mike was outgoing in his own way. He was brash and to the point. Like his mother, he wasn't afraid to use colorful language liberally, and tell it...
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