Personal Narrative Essay

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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English 1301
18 September 2012
Personal Narrative Essay
The first time when someone learns how to do something new is unforgettable. Like a harsh fall, your first baby tooth falling off, and those tiny things that stay with you at all time. It’s just so natural how it gets and stays permanent in your life. Those beautiful moments you will never forget. A memorable thing that marked my life was my very first bike ride. Do you remember your very first bike riding?

My first bicycle was very important to me. My very first bike was when I was 4 but I won’t really count that one. My next bike was when I was only nine years old. My parents bought me a beautiful mystic purple bicycle with a little backpack in the front and green designs. This bike was my everything. It also took me everywhere I wanted to go; of course, I was a little girl that just liked to wonder around the neighborhood. For example, if I wanted to go to my friend’s house, the bike would take me there. I didn’t know at that time that my bicycle had made a huge impact in my life. It was like my best friend, we were always side by side.

All I cared about was hoping in that bike every day after school and feel free. Once I started riding the bike, I forgot about everything and felt the fresh wind blowing in my face. All I saw around me were houses with trees and beautiful flowers that I could smell the freshness of them while passing by. The view of the amazing blue sky was so awesome. I just wanted to touch those fluffy white clouds that looked like marshmallows.

I felt so happy and free that my mind focused a lot on my problems and made me think more clearly. I guess that the most important thing about it was that. I would just put my mp3 on and raised the volume all the way up. Think about everything and wonder why it was so hard for me to understand life. I also took in count that biking made me stronger! Every day I got better and better. Good exercise meant I was healthy. A bike can...
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