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By | Jan. 2012
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What is considered Professionalism? and How can Healthcare workers adhere to the standards of being professional (give examples). What is the price and/or consequence of being unprofessional? Have you personally experienced situations as a patient or client in which someone in healthcare was unprofessional towards you? How did you feel? What actions should a patient/client take if a healthcare professional is unprofessional? Professionalism is very important in a work place setting. Health care workers must dedicate themselves by doing their best on the job. Professionalism is a set of values, attitudes, and behaviors in and out of the work place. One example a health worker can adhere to is having a professional attitude. Having a professional attitude will bring an individual a long way in the work place. Attitude shows the way a person thinks and feels, when you have a positive attitude it shows supervisors that you are responsible and trustworthy. Professional behavior is also important; it means that you conduct yourself in a way that represents where you work at all times. The consequence for being unprofessional can cause you to lose your job. Yes, I have experience my supervisor acting unprofessional towards me. One of the managers that worked on my job was very unprofessional: She did not follow the dress code, was very loud, and would disturb people in other departments talking about things outside of work. Her behavior caused her to lose her job. When a patient is unhappy, he or she can ask to speak with a supervisor and the supervisor should be able to help the patient.

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