Personal Narrative

Topics: Family, Weekend, Consanguinity Pages: 2 (953 words) Published: October 4, 2011
English 0950
Sakina Chandoo
Essay One: Personal Narrative
It was a typical bright Saturday morning and I had to rush to college. I was already running late since my alarm didn’t go off or I may have overslept. I didn’t want to get up from the warm bed and the previous night my friends and I slept late since we came back from a volleyball game past midnight. Although I am not a morning person, this morning was different because the weekend was here and I was already excited especially knowing the fact that I was going to hangout with my friends after classes and we bought the tickets to the movies. I took a quick shower, changed into my denim jeans and my favorite sweatshirt and headed for the car. I placed my books in the backseat. Without wasting another minute started the car and put it on reverse, rushed out of the garage, as I was about to change the gear shift to drive and pull out of the driveway and my cell phone rang; quickly grabbing it from my pocket and to my surprise it was my cousin and all I could tell by his tone was that something had happened and he was not willing to share the information over the phone all he said was, “can you come home as soon as possible”. I was in a state of dilemma not knowing whether to go to college and explain my tutor that I won’t make it to class in the morning or call back my cousin and ask if it was okay for me to go to their place as soon as I am done with class. I quickly drove to college which was approximately 5 miles from home and rushed into the class and excused myself for being late. The tutor didn’t mind and hushed me to sit down on the nearby desk which was on the front row just besides his desk. I politely asked my tutor to step outside the class and told him, “Frank is it okay if I can speak to you for a minute”. He quickly shot a glance at me, informed the class that he is stepping out for a minute and stepped out, as we were walking towards the door we could hear whispers and soft voices...
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