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Topics: Swimming, Competition, Water Pages: 3 (1168 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Winning a state level open water swim event was one of my proudest moments because it showed me that you should always try something even though you may not succeed; you might end up surprising yourself. Having confidence in yourself is important in anything you do whether you think you are adequate at it or not. Since I was nine years old, the youngest you can be to participate, I was in a day program at Castaic Lake called Junior Lifeguards. It is a program where, from the ages of nine to sixteen, you learn basic life saving skills. For example, I learned how to provide, cardiopulmonary resuscitation administer (C.P.E), oxygen, scan the water properly for distressed swimmers and of course staying in shape. Jr. Guards starts in the summer and goes from Monday through Thursday. Every day the basic schedule was line up at 8:30 to stretch, followed by a work out that involve running, swimming, or sometimes both. After the work out, the different age groups would separate off to their designated instructors and learn life saving skills, then break to eat lunch. After the kids ate we would wrap up the skills we learned and leave for the day. Now, the only part of the program that I was superior at was the swimming portion of work. Every year our lake and the surrounding lakes competed in a tournament that had events from the distance swim, to a baton relay, to a race involving rescuing a victim. Since I was about fourteen years old till the age of sixteen I won first place in all my events every year. My events were as followed: Distance swim, Run-

Roney 2
swim-run, distance paddle, and the swim relay. The summer when I was fifteen, the coordinator of the program told me about the state level competition with the same events. I was somewhat hesitant at the thought of a state level competition let alone that the every event involving swimming would be done in the cold relentless ocean. Swimming in a closed off body of water verses a body of water...
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