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Topics: Jump, Cosmo Kramer, 2007 singles Pages: 1 (490 words) Published: May 3, 2013
The day after Thanksgiving on November 23, 2012 the Davidson’s decided to have a “Thanksday Dinner” where everyone brought leftovers from the day before and we sat around the table and talked. Ashton brought his video camera to document the experience; so he set it on top of the fireplace mantle of the club house we rented. That day just happened to be my birthday so trying to avoid the subject I helped set up chairs and tables and arrange the food in a way that would save the most room. After every one arrived we lined up to get the food and chowed down on our food. It wasn’t really eventful so we moved on to my favorite; pumpkin pie. Ryan really likes whipped cream on his pie so he goes and gets the cream, and then BAM! Leighton (my granddaughter) jumps up so fast and climbs over the counter like a ninja to stop Ryan from getting the whipped cream. So we eat our pie and we went around the table saying what we are thankful for, we went through the usual with our family with items like: toilet paper, electricity, etc. When they finally cracked down we started over and it was way emotional for some people and everyone was crying. We decided to do a “Davidson cinnamon roll”, it’s where everyone holds hands and on one side they start rolling into the middle pulling people into the big swirl. We all toppled over eventually. After that we were all hyped up from the pie and we turned on some music from my kindle and started a conga line. When we finished our conga line we changed into our swim-suits so we could go sit in the hot tub and relax. Well, then somebody got the bright idea of jumping in the pool (with the heater off for winter) and run back to the hot tub. So they jump off and “SPLASH” they are in the freezing water! My granddaughter and I didn’t want to jump into the pool so we thought “hey, might as well ease our way into it right?” we got to the top of our rib cage and ran back to the hot tub. It was way too cold!! After that almost everyone changed back...
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