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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Tenaye Jones
Narrative Essay

A personal experience I remember and I felt that I was on a border was when I was in 8th grade. I was best friends with Amecia Lake and Khadijah Wilson. We went to Johnson Park Middle School. We all met in the 7th grade. Even though, Khadijah and I went to Johnson Park in the 6th grade; we didn’t know each other as well as we did in the 7th grade. Together, we held a pretty good strong friendship. We always helped each other out with anything. Sometimes, we would have arguments over something stupid, but we always made-up. Some arguments were mainly between Amecia and Khadijah and I was always in the middle of them. One day it was bad, Khadijah and Amecia completely stopped talking to each other. They just completely stopped hanging around each other. The argument was so bad that Amecia and her sister, Alecia and her friends stop talking to me also. After everything that happened, I decided to text Amecia one day and ask her what happened between her and Khadijah. But she really didn’t tell me anything about it and talked about other things. This whole argument lasted for about 5 to 6 weeks. In those weeks, it was very hard to know the fact Khadijah and I was the only ones talking to each other. Khadijah and I stood by each other’s side for a long period of time.

I felt like I was between a personal and emotional border because they were my best friends and I did not want to see them fighting. It hurt me to see them arguing with each other sometimes. With the situation that happened, I hated that they were not speaking or hanging around each other. I just wanted my best friends speaking to each other again. I wanted all of us to be cool again and hang out more. Out of nowhere, Amecia and Alecia started to apologize to me for not speaking to me and knowing that I didn’t have anything to do with the situation. After that, everything was starting to get back to normal except for...
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