Personal Narrative

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David Laughery
Shane Fliger
College Composition
February 14, 2013

Personal Narrative

Like most, my Fifth grade year was supposed to be awesome; it was the last year before I was finally able to go to Ben Franklin, the giant School whose football and baseball fields I had played on for years, just waiting for the time I could show I was good enough to play for their City Championship teams. But when I look back on that year that had so much promise, it didn’t go as I had thought, and ended up being one of the hardest of my life, both mentally and physically. It was almost twenty years ago, but I can replay the day like it was yesterday (to a point). It was the middle of spring, May 1st to be exact, and it was a much anticipated weekend trip with my Father. His name is David as well. My Siblings and I had always looked forward to the twice a month visits, after all we were able to see our Dad, Grandmother, all of our Aunts and Uncles from his side of the family as well as our friends who we grew to know from visiting so much over the years. After a lackluster first night of the visit, spent eating Neapolitan Ice Cream and watching TGIF with our grandmother, we all went to bed knowing that tomorrow we’d make up for how uneventful the first night was because we’d be spending the entire day at Chesapeake State Park. We all loved the State Park for different reasons, so any chance we’d been able to go, we would, though this time it was for Fishing and Cooking out. We all woke up Saturday morning smiling from ear to ear, waiting for noon to roll around. At about 11:15am, my Sister received a call from her best friend Sarah, and decided to go to the Movies with her and her mother. This please both me and my brother because this meant it was going to be all guys, Five to be exact with my Uncle Rick (Father’s older brother) and our favorite cousin Ricky. When our Dad and the Rick’s finally arrived it was closer to 1:30, but we couldn’t care any less, we were just happy to see them and get on with this Fishing trip. Like every trip before we stopped at the 7-11 at the top of the Street to pick up all the necessities, Bait, Snacks, Sodas and what all the younger Laughery’s had grew to think was normal, a case of 24 Budweiser bottles. After what had turned out to be a rather productive day of Fishing, Cooking out and catching Snakes over at the Railroad Tracks, our Dad finished his last beer and decided it was time to “Hit the Road” as he had always said. So we put the assortment of fish we had caught into the Cooler, placed the Orange Ribbon Snake and Garter Snake we had caught in their new home, a portable Aquarium that we made room for in the back seat with us and piled into the car. I remember I somehow ended up having to sit in the middle of my Brother and Cousin which was odd because I normally had first choice, while our Dad was driving and his more best friend then brother Rick was in the passenger seat. Growing up, we had all looked at the two as “Rockstars”, to be exact, we thought they were Axl Rose and James Hetfield, so the fact that they had drank an entire case of Beer seemed normal to us, after all, they were Rockstars. As we were pulling out, my Uncle Rick suggested that we should take “Seven Hills” home, which excited everyone, so that’s what we all decided on. “Seven Hills” received its name because of the obvious, it’s an extremely dark, Tree covered road consisting of seven large, steep, windy hills. Each hill had its own specific way to go about it, some felt like your normal Highway with subtle banks and turns, but others would make even drivers as experienced as our Dad left feeling like a Formula 1 driver. While driving down the final road before heading on to Seven Hills Road, the part of me who had earlier that week learned about the dangers of mixing Drugs/Alcohol with driving thought to myself that maybe this in fact was not such a good idea. But all the excitement in the vehicle along...
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