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Topics: Marriage, Wedding, A Flock of Seagulls Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Sandy Gilmore
Mrs. Easton
English 1301-018
4 February 2013
How the Fairy Tale Came to Life
The day that I became a bride changed my life forever. I was marrying my knight in shining armour, and what I think is the love of my life. My brother Richard and his wife Cathy graciously allowed my husband and I to have our wedding at their house which was the greatest blessing I could have asked for. The time was nearing that I would be walking down the aisle and the perfect vow would be read. On the evening of July 28, 2012, I would be marrying the man I had always dreamed of marrying, and I would be having the fairy tale wedding that every girl hopes for.

The day started out early with the entire bridal party which included me, Robie (the maid of honor), three (bridesmaids) Amy, Lauren, and Morgan, Cathy and myself, because we had so much decorating left to do before the wedding started and the guest arrived. We began by getting all the decorations out. We had white lace, pearls, tulle, and plum and lime green bows. We also had white linens for the table tops, and sheer plum toppers to go over the linens, plum sashes for bows to tie around the white chairs, and tons of candles and lights to go on all of the trees. We wrapped lights around every tree, since we were having a night wedding. We placed an arch next to their pond in the backyard and decorated it with the lace, pearls, and lights and entwined it with greenery. We placed floating candles in the pond, and lined potted flowers down the aisles. We had a pedestal with our unity sand and vase, and a sign in table with an 11x16 picture of Steve and I on it for the guest to sign as they came in. We had dinner, dance and reception after the ceremony. Once all of this was completed, I stepped back and looked at it all, and I realized the time was nearing and it was so exquisite that I began to cry. It was just exactly as I had imagined it. I knew that someone would be coming to get us soon to start the...
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