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  • Published : September 12, 2011
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My interest in mathematics started when I was at the senior high school. Due to this interest, I decided to continue at the university in a programme which will help me to further explore my potentials in mathematics.

In September 2001, I gained admission to the university of Cape Coast to offer a 4-year bachelors degree programme in economics and mathematics. Whilst at the university, I was rated among the top 2% in mathematics for our year group and obtained A’s in all mathematics courses from the first year to the third year and A’s and some few other grades such as B and B+ in the final year. I also obtained A’s in almost all the mathematics related economics courses. I have interest in differential equations, calculus, algebra analysis, business mathematics, mathematical economics and financial mathematics. My interest was further enhanced when I was employed after my university education as a teaching assistant in mathematics at the university of Cape Coast for one year and again employed at the Methodist university College Ghana as a teaching assistant in mathematics. Whilst working as a teaching assistant, I assisted in courses such as Differential equations, Calculus, complex analysis, algebra analysis and because of my background in economics I was also made to assist in mathematical economics, business mathematics and financial mathematics.

The interest I developed in mathematics helped me to recognize the importance of mathematics in shaping national identity and in solving of our everyday' problems. It also helped me to recognize the importance of preserving nature with mathematics. This has encouraged me to develop a strong focus on how to further my education in mathematics in order to acquire a comprehensive training to enhance my ability to work independently in order to conduct independent research and analysis. I therefore have in mind to use the talent, the wonderful skills and techniques obtained in mathematics to...
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