Personal Model of Helping

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  • Published : April 4, 2009
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Personal Model of Helping
Helping people to deal and overcome their problems is a very difficult task that implies hard work, responsibility, honesty, and ethics. At the same time, it is a fascinating way of making a difference in others and gives them a part of you. Fortunately, many specialists have researched, worked, and experimented for years on this field. Thanks to them we have now the opportunity of choosing between a variety of models and theories the one that fits better to each client circumstances or problems, and offer in this way a more professional service. I do not think there is just one theory that should be used with each client; otherwise a combination of theories and models of helping can be more useful for most clients. However, according to my intention of working primarily with children and teenagers I think the theory that better adjusts for my interests is Behaviorism, without setting aside other models. Working with children has a high impact on society, because whatever we teach children will be reflected on future society since they are the future. That is why to educate children on values and teach them to overcome their problems in a healthy way and try that they grow-up in positive behaviors is crucial for healthier societies. When giving therapy to children we should take the role of counselors, supporters, and motivators. We must teach and direct or re-direct them through the process of behavioral change. How can we change behaviors on children? Well, as I stated above Behaviorism gives us a variety of techniques for using. Most of them techniques are truly useful with children since they are like sponges that absorb “everything”. Modeling, reinforcement, punishment, extinction, even desensitization and flooding are examples of the techniques that can be positively used with children. Some of these techniques are used in daily-life situations by parents with good results, but if they are applied scientifically they can...
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