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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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My Personal Metaphor
I am an enthusiastic cheerleader, cheering for my team all day long. I describe myself as being like a cheerleader. Usually, cheerleaders has to have lots of spirit and pep in them to spread spirit to their school and to be spirited in everything they do. To be a cheerleader, you would have to be very lively and energetic at all times because people count on you to get them hyped up for a game or pep rally. Having to cheer for their team all day, cheerleaders need all the energy they have to continue cheering to keep the crowd chanting and spirited as they cheer their team to victory. Meanwhile, cheerleaders also do tumbling and stunting. I am enthusiastic because whenever my friends are feeling sad or down, I will always be there to cheer them up. I also motivate my team to always reach for their goals whenever they feel like giving up on things. What led me to choose this metaphor was that others have told me that I always know how to put a smile to someone's face by just how I am so enthusiastic and always energized with happiness. I like having this characteristic and I think it may be very useful in the life. It would be useful in the future because sometimes people just need someone positive to be by their side and be their to motivate them when they need it. As a positive characteristic, I do believe that my future spouse or people whom I will work with will like it.
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