Personal Marketing Plan

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Personal Marketing Plan



Work plan Contingency plan Mission

Strategic Alternatives


Frame work of the marketing plan

Figure summarizes the main components of marketing plan.

Table of Content 1. Executive Summary 2. Vision 3. Mission 4. SWOT- analysis a. Strength b.Weakness c.Opportunity d.Threat

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5. Market Strategy



b.Marketing objectives c.Target Marketing d.Positioning

e.Strategy F.Marketing Mix
i.Product II.Price IV.Promotion

6. Market Research 7. Financial 8. Control 9. Action Plan 10. Contingency Plan

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1. Executive Summary:
Dina is a pharmacist, with experience of 14 years in pharmaceutical field, last four years in training department. now she wants to be a free lancer trainer provide her services in conducting core skills ( personal selling ,communication ,presentation ,time management ) and design training courses if needed .her job research will be concerned with training centers as they have the largest contribution as soft skills providers then to corporate organizations with time line training programs.

2. Vision:
Career shift to free lancer trainer, participate in the urgency of learning and development. Adding value to individuals who are seeking for better ways of doing their jobs and improve their career path.

3. Mission:
Dina is an independent person who seeks for sense of accomplishment, and to be an adding value to others by being a free lancer trainer. She is planning to widen her market research includes training centers, time limited training programs, corporate organizations, and finally pharmaceutical companies. She offers a service of conducting training material in case of on-shelf programs and design & conduct training materials in case of newly program. Based on her experience within the pharmaceutical field and 8 years experience in corporate culture she has a sense of quality, customer focus and result oriented person. �

That is quiet match with her personality as independent, analytical, practical person Guarantee a quality package of valuable material. Practical practice wrapped with sincere, objective presenter. This is not a month or a year mission; it is an on going plan. But full dedication of job search for six months.

In one short way Find a job as a free lancer trainer for core skills, in training center based on my experience as field trainer in corporate pharmaceutical company within 6 month Dina’s package is a mix of quality and customer focus

4. SWOT Analysis: a. Strength:
• Has a success record over 14 years of work experience in pharmaceutical field ended with being a senior field trainer in Sandoz- Novartis ( pharmaceutical company ) for 2 years .full of sales experience ,launching pharmaceutical products ,training new medical representatives ,handling customer objections. And end in September 2010 due to company downsizing • Result oriented person showed in her sales achievement record during her work in sales department and continue with her fully met performance in training department as recorded in three successive performance appraisal. • Customer focus Dina designed a coaching report for medical representatives, evaluation sheet for audiovisual activities and survey for new candid. Adding new topics to training curriculum involves day to day business as Feedback, tips on time management, shine on stage, active listening.

• Her experience is backed with training courses and certificates Train the trainer diploma ( Regional institution for IT- RITI) Certificate of sales ( American University in Cairo) Workshops ( presentation , communication ,managing training functionTrain the trainer ) Finish the whole training program of Novartis Training Center Now she is half way in MBA- at Arab Academy


• She is out of job now gives a negative impact in interviews and job application regardless of...
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