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  • Published : September 14, 2008
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Combining business school education, professional/personal development training, self

education along with life experiences directed me toward beginning a career as an

entrepreneur. Many years have been spent taking classes and exploring various business

opportunities. I started my college career as a business major. During that time, I also

studied various art mediums to explore creative talents. In my junior year, I decided to

combine those strengths and interests into my career path. Now that graduation is closer

it is time to formulate and began executing a plan for the next 5 to 10 years of my life.

Short Term Goals

I have five main short-term goals, which include goals before graduation, educational

career and professional goals. Before graduation, I aim to increase my grade

point average to a 3.0 minimum. Improving my resume and working knowledge

through VCU’s small business mentorship program. And starting a part time personal

home inventory service business while in school will enable me to apply previous knowledge, and use the many resources and services that are available. Start up cost for this venture is moderate compared to other businesses. My plan is to invest the minimum, $3000 during start up. Also I have employed the services of a professional coach to assist with personal and professional development. After graduation, (May 2008), my career goal is to expand my home inventory business, “Professional Home Inventory Services” from part time to full time operation. I plan on continuing education at Virginia Commonwealth University or the University of Maryland. Here, the goal is to earn a certificate in International Management. With a personal interest in the African culture (African Art and History), I plan to begin my travels to Africa through a Study Abroad Program. I intend on completing the certificate program in 2011. My personal interest in Africa will be a lifelong study. This certification and additional coursework will help my career by opening up the passageway to a new business venture, security and most of all spiritual growth in knowing more of my African heritage. I have and investment goal to save 15% of my annual income in addition to current savings, for a second business, which will be a combination of Importing African Art for resale online and business consulting. Long Term Goals

My long-term goals include the continuation of my career, personal and investment objectives. I plan to be operating the consulting firm, “Robinson Business to Business Consulting” by 2013. I anticipate opening my import business,” Africa All Around “by 2015. I have estimated that it will take a minimum of 25,000 to 35,000 to start; therefore the money I have saved in addition to profits gained from the inventory service business will be used to help finance this venture. I want to continue to save a percentage of my income for future investments. Situation Analysis --SWOT
In order to understand what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that I might encounter, I performed a SWOT analysis. As for my strengths, I am a highly creative and friendly person, I possess strong analytical skills, and I enjoy working alone and with small groups. I also have strong interpersonal skills.

Patience and attention to detail are definitely virtues in the home inventory business. My main weakness is communicating in large groups. Improvement is needed in the areas of personal and professional development, writing and communication skills. At times, multitasking can be a challenge. I could be more effective with improvements in focusing, and time management. And I lack advanced training in computer software programs such as Microsoft Office. Also, a fair understanding and working observation of product values and knowledge of market values are needed for the...
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