Personal Management Style

Topics: Management, Knowledge management, Social network Pages: 5 (1804 words) Published: August 4, 2012
Jones International University

Personal Management Style

Professor Jacqueline Chestnut

Jacqueline Davidson

June 29, 2012

In planning a future management I would make sure that Henry Foyle’s, P-O-L-C would be in place for all accessibility throughout the company to look over and revise as the economy changes. It is a never ending process with changes occurring daily as technology has proven to be at the fastest change ever in today’s society. Several key insights of the style of leadership gave me knowledge of how I can change make changes in my own management style. Having a plan developed for a new business would be ideal; however as a person going to a new establishment I would start by knowing about the company beforehand. I would make sure that everyone is communicating well and what I could help them with for their own goals in the company for growth. Instructions would be clear making sure information, interest, involvement and influence are carried out, if not I would propose a meeting with everyone and find out what we as a company needed to do to get these going in the right direction. The 4 I’s are an important stone in any company and is essential in everyone knowing what is going on at all times. Communicating a plan for change for employees to know what is going to happen, when and why. This will allow a visual vision and successful change comfortably. Following this practice I would then have the 4 P’s in place. Purpose, picture, plan, part in plan- this would give me the direction of where the company and employees needed to go on terms of everyone having knowledge that is vital to run a smooth company. Any change to occur needs to have purpose and understanding this a visual aspects needs to be painted for easier change over’s. A plan in place for goals with a backup plan for others to assist in finding solutions by the set time and deadline. My management leadership style would be of many learned through this course. My definition and how I would apply this would be like the “Round-Robin fashion. Improvement=Get better, Imagination=Novelty, and Incubation=Sustainability. Vision and creativity would impact knowledge along with everyone being flexible. Have a cross-training of employees in place for employees to assist one another when needed. It would be smart to have a team oriented culture in place in the company for a positive working atmosphere with employees and managers. This would be followed by also making sure the company is people-oriented as well. Employees want to be treated well and this will ensure longevity with employees that are happy with how they are treated and the company’s structure to eliminate little to no absence. Lastly I have learned how to put a strategic social network in service for all employees throughout the company. All-channel allowing flow of communication throughout each department that is also operational. This would not exclude any one person’s activity, control, access, influence or power but to gain insightful information from anyone that could provide information in helping each other out throughout the day. I’ve learned that the more social network you are able to do within your company the more knowledge you can gain in achieving other goals, including personal goals that are off company time. With this tool in place there would be a need for an IT technician to cover the systems network station in making sure all software is up to standards and update new changes within the companies data system that would be essential to the structure and policy overall.

I’ve learned that Directive and Supporter Leaders are known to provide specific directions, clarify role expectations, sets schedules, and making sure employers know what to do. I’ve gained knowledge that both of these types of leaders can be adjusted by combining and tweaking how they form. Trusting employees, participation in decision making and hearing...
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