Personal Loyalty Syndrome

Topics: Criminal justice, Law, Management Pages: 4 (1285 words) Published: September 12, 2009
Starkisha N. Belle
CJ511 – Employment and Policy law
June 10, 2009
Prof. Widener
Question # 3
Another problematic issue is the lack of communication between the superior and the employee. Some superiors recite what they learned about loyalty and the importance of maintaining that great asset, but they fail to reiterate it should be loyalty to the agency and its institutional rules and regulations that will get the individual on a respectable level not personal loyalty to themselves (the superior), this kind of leaves the employee obligated to meet every demand. For any relationship to work, it is important that there be trust between the employee and the supervisor, an open channel of communication and transparency in actions can go a long way in establishing a healthy work association (Prakash, 2001, P.2). that the act of whistleblowing stem from appropriate moral motive of preventing unnecessary harm to others; that the whistleblower use all available internal procedures for rectifying the problematic behavior before public disclosure, although special circumstances may preclude this; that the whistleblower have ‘evidence that would persuade a reasonable person’; that the whistleblower perceive serious danger that can result from the violation; that the whistleblower act in accordance with his or her responsibilities for ‘avoiding and/or exposing moral violations’; that the whistleblower’s action has some reasonable chance for success. Peak provides three types of loyalty that criminal justice practitioners should follow and think about before openly offering such loyalty to unworthy superiors: 1.) Integrated loyalty – the genuine concern of the employee in regards to the profession, values and ideals of the workplace. The employee here not only has workplace loyalties, but integrates institutional loyalty. 2.) Institutional loyalty – each agency members including subordinates and...
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