Personal Literacy Narrative (Studying English)

Topics: English language, Second language, Dialect Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: March 12, 2013
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7 March 2013

Personal Literacy Narrative (studying English)
Personal literacy narrative
Learning English as a new language has always been an interesting aspect that advanced my personal ability to expand my understanding of life and different cultures. Though the first lessons where quite challenging, the desire to learn this language can be considered a dream that has helped me persevere the challenges. The following paper highlights some of the literacy challenges that I have experienced in the process of learning the English vernacular. First lessons: How I developed the desire to learn English

My native language is Arabic and I hail from Saudi Arabia. My mother played a key role in instilling the desire to learn the English language. My first lessons begun at the tender age of 7 years, my mother used simple English words and numbers to teach me how to pronounce English words. My mother is not a proficient English speaker but the little words she knew she taught me. When I was enrolled in elementary school there were no English lessons I was deeply disappointed by this aspect. My only option was to learn the English dialect through cartoons and television programs and films. The most effective English learning tool came in form of a present from my aunt. The present was a videogame console and all games were English this exciting learning opportunity was challenged by my mother’s restrictions as she wanted me to focus more on my classwork. Since no one in my family understood the English dialect I decided to learn English through my own understanding and interpretations of the words I read or heard. Intermediate school: real learning lessons

When I enrolled in intermediate school I attended my first real English lesson with language books and homework assignments. I was an active participant during the English lesson; I recall a lesson in which I was the only student who was familiar...
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