Personal Life and Wellness

Topics: Personal life, Psychology, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: December 6, 2012
There is a simple road map that can guide you on the journey toward more balanced living. The 7 Aspects of Wellness are your key to harmonizing all the major life areas that work together to create a whole and complete life. Balance is based in total wellness, and total wellness is more than just emotional health or physical fitness. The 7 Aspects—Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Social, Environmental, Occupational and Spiritual—encompass every square inch of your life, and practicing positive habits in each of these areas will help you find total wellness. Emotional Wellness is the life area that involves your internal landscape—your personal thoughts and feelings. How you cope with stress is a huge component of your Emotional Wellness and has a big effect on your sense of mental balance. As you explore your Emotional Wellness, you journey into self-discovery. This means getting comfortable with who you are by building positive self-esteem and learning about emotional self-care. Basically, when you’re comfortable in your own skin, you don’t get knocked down as easily by the frustrations of daily life. Physical Wellness focuses on finding optimum physical fitness. When you hear the term “physical fitness,” you may envision hours spent working out and eating nothing but salad. That might be Physical Wellness for some, but it doesn’t have to mean that for you! While exercise and eating healthy foods are part of the Physical Wellness equation, so are adequate rest and hygiene. Physical Wellness isn’t about having the “perfect” body. In fact, at times the drive for physical perfection can create emotional and physical imbalance. Physical Wellness means living a lifestyle based on habits that support healthy bodily function and longevity. Intellectual Wellness helps you fall back in love with life and sparks your imagination. It isn’t “school.” It’s learning for learning’s sake, about whatever you want to discover. Reading, visiting museums, watching television...
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