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Ian AubryDecember 13, 2010
Honors English II Block 4
Personal Legend Narrative

What is a personal legend? A personal legend is the path we decide to take that fills our hearts with enthusiasm; it is the path of our dreams. My personal legend has changed overtime. I have been influenced along my journey. I have also been faced with many obstacles, but I have still made movement with them there. I have learned many lessons along my journey, and I will continue to learn more. This is my personal legend, read on. When I was a young child, maybe about three years old, I always had a interest and fascination with the kitchen. I was always banging on pots and pans, begging my mother to let me help prepare food. Even the simplest thing such as holding the spoon and stirring seemed to satisfy me. This fascination with the kitchen soon blossomed into more detailed cooking as I became older. My aunt was a great chef and baker, so whenever I would go to her house we would always make a mess in the kitchen, and I loved it. Just the idea that you can combine ingredients to make something your own fascinated me. Growing up, I always had the space and supplies to practice my cooking. This allowed me to gain skill. I made everything from homemade pasta to chocolate cupcakes with mascarpone cheese icing. The older I got, the more intricate the recipes got and I loved challenging my self. Until I was around the age of twelve I held this interest in cooking. When I was around the age of twelve, my sister started preparing and getting things ready for college. My sister was going to be studying to be an art education major, with a minor in photography. In many ways, my sister is one of the omens that changed my personal legend over time. I sometimes went with her on her college visits and I always fell in love with the design aspects of some of the schools. My sister was always a great artist and I admired her very much. By growing up with her and...
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