Personal Learnings from the Subject and How Can I Use This in My Everyday Life

Topics: Sociology, Socialization, Rational choice theory Pages: 11 (2547 words) Published: November 26, 2010

During the first meeting, Prof. Esteban thought us about what does SOCILOGY means. Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups and societies. It is a social science which originated from the word Socio(socius) and Logy(logos), which means study. It is an ever-changing concept, includes human interaction, a scientific study of human behaviour that has the tendency to predict or explain.

“People should develop the ability to understand their own lives in terms of larger social forces.” This is called sociological imagination, a concept given by C. Wright Mills. Sociological imagination is the strategies that can help you sort out the multiple circumstances that could be responsible for your social experiences, your life choices, and your life chances. Therefore, think sociologically, which implies to cultivating the sociological imagination. Prof Esteban explains that it is like a gold fish out of the aquarium, has the ability of an individual to detach himself from the environment to know whether he is a problem or the solution to a problem.

As I read further in the module given as a reference, I learned..


Life course is a biological process. In this process there is a personal change from infancy through old age and death brought about as a result of the interaction between biographical events and social events. The series of major events, the stages of our lives from birth to death, may be called life course. Movement through life course is marked by a succession of stages by age. Analysts have tried to depict the typical stages through which we pass, but they have not been able to agree on standard division of the life course. As such life course is biological process, which has been divided into four distinct stages: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. Life course stages present characteristic problems and transitions that require learning new and unlearning familiar routines. Through the process of socialization society tries to prepare its members for taking up the roles and statuses associated with life course stages.

Each life course stage by age is also affected by other factors like social class, gender, ethnicity and human experience.

Although childhood has special importance in the socialization process, learning continues throughout our lives. An overview of the life course reveals that our society organizes human experience according to age –childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.


Childhood usually covers the first 12 years of life: time for learning and carefree play. Nevertheless, what a child “is” differs from one culture to another. Presently we defend our idea of childhood because children are biologically immature. But a look back in time and around the world shows that the concept of childhood is rooted in culture.


Just as industrialization helped create childhood as a distinct stage of life, adolescence emerged as a buffer between childhood and adulthood. In earlier times, and in Pakistani society even today, societies did not mark out adolescence as distinct time of life. People simply moved from childhood into young adulthood with no stopover in between. Adolescence usually overlaps teen age though it is also a social construction.


Adulthood, which begins between the late teens and the early thirties, depending on the social background, is a time for accomplishment. They pursue careers and raise families. These youth embark on careers and raise families of their own. They reflect on their own achievements---Did the dreams come true?

Early Adulthood: It covers the period from 20 to about 40 years, and during this period personalities are formed. They learn to manage the day-to-day responsibilities personally. They try...
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