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Topics: Kinesthetic learning, Visual learning, Auditory learning Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: November 10, 2010
I recently researched the four main learning styles, which helped me to determine which of the four I thought I was best matched with. These four learning styles are: visual learning, auditory or linguistic learning, reading/writing-preference learning, and kinesthetic. Visual learners like to see what they are being taught, such as looking at an over-head projection. Auditory learners like listening to lectures and discussions. Reading and writing learners prefer to read textbooks and write information down in order to remember it. And finally, kinesthetic learners prefer a more hands-on approach. Those learners like to be moving around, and find practical experience a big help. After researching these four types of learners, I came to the conclusion that I am in between two of the learning styles. The first type I am most alike, are the visual learners. I can relate to those people who rely on visual aids to help them learn, because I too, like to see over-head projections with lots of diagrams, pictures, and colors etc. I focus much better when a teacher uses tools such as projection because more people are interested as well, therefore there is less chatting amongst students. I find it easier to concentrate on what I am being taught, when there is less noise and commotion all around me. I also like it when a teacher writes information that they are lecturing about, out on the blackboard as well as speaking it. I like to see things being done, or written, and then I can follow along with more ease.

The second style of learning I most relate to, is the kinesthetic learning style. A kinesthetic learner is someone who regularly prefers to learn by physically moving, and actively participating. A kinesthetic learner is also known as the “hands-on” learner. I feel as though I relate to this style because I like to be up, moving around and participating, rather than...
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