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Though a good number of HRD facilitations have a good knowledge of HRD, its systems and processes, they are not equipped with the development tools and techniques to implement HRD. This chapter briefly lists and explains various development tools and techniques that can be used in the HRD function. Each of the tool can be adopted to the specific need of the organisation to achieve desired HRD results.



It is a development technique used for the confidential assessment of the employees by all their stakeholders. Stakeholders are their boss, staff, team members, internal or external customers, family and friends. It is a systematic feed back collection on performance of an individual or a group often co-ordinated by an external agent with scientific tools like the questionnaire.

Feedbacks of the stakeholders are confidentially collated by the facilitator and anonymously made available to the feedback seeker. In this technique the feedback givers judge what they perceive as behaviour and not the intentions behind it. A mixture of strengths and areas for development, expectations etc. are made known to the feedback seeker through this development process. Once the feedback is received, the concerned person works on him for further improvement and development.


An inquiry process affirms our symbolic capacities of imagination and mind as well as our social capacities for conscious choice of cultural evolution. Its assumption is ‘Solution to be Embraced’.

▪ Discover and value those factors that give life to the organisation. ▪ Envision what might be the new possibilities.
▪ Engage in dialogue, discovering possibilities.
▪ Construct the future through innovation and action.


This technique is used to assess individuals, dyads, or teams. This is a project for achieving a specific purpose in a specified period of time in a planned manner. It is a method to evaluate employees on specified competencies using multiple tools by multiple assessors. It focuses on assessing individuals for their ability for performing roles.


Brain storming is a tool to generate ideas on a particular topic under discussion. It is a group creativity technique facilitating spontaneous discussions in search of new ideas.

Three steps involved are :

The group leader states the problem very clearly. Members facilitate as many ideas as possible (no criticism is allowed). Later these ideas are discussed and analysed and the most appropriate solution is selected.


It is a technique for promoting the creativity within a team when members of the group find it difficult to get together at the same time. Idea sheets can be circulated, and ideas can be added up over a period of time. A productive variant of this technique is one, made possible by computer networking systems. They all have a record of the ongoing outcomes of the process.

This is a highly productive process, which involves minimum effort from group members.


It is a method that aids for the development of the career of an employee. In this method, matching of aspirations of an employee and opportunities available are checked up and next steps are identified and planned that would help in further career growth.


These workshops facilitate the career development of an employee.

Entry-workshops provide the opportunity for groups of new employee’s and their supervisors to share their separate expectations and focus on the areas of mismatches. Mid-workshops include self-diagnostic activities for employees, diagnosis of the organisation and alignment of the separate diagnosis to identify potential mismatches (frustration of employee’s, etc.). Later- workshops are useful for the employee’s...
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