Personal Learning Journal

Topics: Leadership, Integral Theory Pages: 22 (6161 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Personal Learning Journal


▪ What is leadership to me? (before and after)

▪ Thoughts after the first class

▪ Class reflections & reflections on readings/handouts

▪ Assignment #1: Filling the gaps

▪ Assignment #2: Lines of Developments

▪ Assignment #3: Personal integral analysis questions

▪ Overview of Takeaways

▪ Thoughts on the last day of the course

What is leadership to me?

My answer BEFORE: (Sept. 15, 2006)

▪ Leadership is an ability to make a roadmap leading to a right direction

▪ Leadership is an ability to lead a group of people to get the work done effectively.

▪ Good leaders are supportive

▪ May use power, force or fear sometimes

▪ Leadership is particially born with, partially learned from training and practice.

My answer NOW: (Nov. 30, 2006)

▪ Leadership resides in everybody, and it can be developed

▪ Leadership is influencing, a capacity to inspire others to act, speaking and listening in a way that enables individuals to act to create future life conditions

▪ Leadership development is about developing ourselves and developing the cultures and systems in which our leadership can be played out with others’.

▪ Leadership moves along several lines. Cognitive, emotional, moral, spiritual, physical, leadership development is about development in all of these lines.

September 14, 2006

Thoughts after the first class:

Coming back from my first class last night, I could not fell in sleep as normal, I heard a voice inside of me: “it so won’t be an easy course for you”. Then another voice said: “try to find the right track fast, keep up with the pace and do not fall behind, read more, think more, and learn more, you will gain something”. Of course I know behind this, there was a concern bugs me. I worry about that my language problem will affect my how much I can understand and take away from the course. It won’t like those first year courses most of which have hard numbers that I could understand well even if I could not understand all in class.

As I read the 17-page course outline before I enrolled in this class, the contents drew my attention. It’s so different with those I took in the first year full time courses, it teaches something that hard to find in one book.

Anyway, this will be a challenge for me. But beside the contents, I like the size of the class. I think this will be a high quality course I’ve ever taken so far. I decided to take it, although it won’t be easy. But I do feel that challenge made my life meaningful.

September 17, 2006

Reading: An AQAL Perspective on Leadership

I agree that leaders should be effective no matter when and where. But my first reaction is what does it mean for a leader to be effective? If as Drucker pointed, doing the right thing, my question follows would be what are the right things? For certain situation, people may have different opinions on what is right. For a simple example, in most cases, sales managers have different opinion with head of R&D.

What really raise my interest in this article is “AQAL Integral Theory has been called ‘a framework that makes sense of everything…’”. Although I have just learned integral leadership includes five fundamental components: quadrants, lines of development, levels of complexity, types and states, I don’t quite understand what is the mechanism, how it works, or how AQAL integral theory can be applied in the real world situation, what is the mechanism.

Nowadays, many companies have their own mission statement, vision statement and shared values. As I understand, by seeing through four quadrants, effective leaders should be able to integrate different perspectives into organizations’ mission, vision and shared values. My another questions is how leaders see through things from four quadrants. The difficulty for me now is to understand how to integrate multi perspectives....
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