Personal Leadership Plan - Essay

The assignment requires me to mention and discuss a significant impact on my life.

Although I have many, there is one in particular that I would like to share with the class. The short interaction humbled my otherwise cocky and arrogant personality.

The interaction took place while I was in high school. It was my senior year, I was on the basketball team, and we were fairly successful (we won the state title that year). I believed I had a lot to do with that. Anyways, after games I would get the usual “good game” and “congratulations” from my peers and adults alike. But there use to be this one kid- yea this kid…before I go on, let me describe him. His name was Derrick. Derrick was confined to a wheel chair. He was all toursal. He was missing everything from his hips down. Derrick used to roll through the hallways with the biggest; I mean the biggest smile on his face. His laugh could be heard throughout the school. Derrick was rudely polite, I know oxymoron, he would say excuse me as he nearly crashed into the back of legs. He was very outgoing.

Ok back to the impact. After games, Derrick would roll up on me. Hey Parker, Hey Parker, that’s what he called me. Parker you know you missed a couple of makeable shots tonight. You should let the ball roll off your index finger. Then He rolled away laughing and smiling. This happened almost every game. He’ll roll up, criticize my game and roll off smiling and laughing. One day he rolled up on me. “Parker, that was a good pass Calvin gave you, too bad you tricked it. Then he tried to roll away. Only this time I stopped him. I said hold up man, why are you always smiling and laughing? He said I smile because Im happy.

I know I don’t have any legs but I do have a personality and a sound mind. So much, I can help you with that broke jump shot. Then He rolled off smiling just like he did the previous times.

That experience humbled me. Here we have a kid in a wheelchair showing signs of pure joy. Derrick is...
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