Personal Leadership Plan

Topics: Leadership, Positive psychology, Sociology Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: June 27, 2011
INS 301 - Leadership
Professor Lynn Lannon

Le Thi Tu Anh
ID: 421775 – Class: VISK2010A
Keuka college – IS, VNU
28 June 2010

1. The following is my 5 most important values in order of preference: 1) Contribution to other people’s success and improvement 2) Supportive human relationship
3) Freedom
4) Passion
5) And recognition
Helping others sometimes simply works through teaching and sharing what I know or have advantage with the people around. And I experienced that if I bring to others something which benefits them and actually give them a hand to solve their problems, I will have inspiration for my energy. That why contribution to others is my no1 values. When I give others the good things, myself is given reward, too. In addition, contribution to people creates other values of life. Genuinely caring about the people is the way to build and maintain human relationship. And involving actively in the events of the community I live in will bring to me the chance to find my passion, my recognition. I define my life values as things make me appreciate life. Freedom to live by your nature inspires creation, passion makes you perceive the knowledge more easily and naturally, and recognition likes a reward that makes you confident. All these elements enhance your ability and guide your way to go. A life in which you become better and better and contribute to your community is valuable.

2. Teacher is the kind of leader I want to be in the futures: According to George Manning and Kent Curtis (2008, p.3), “leaders can be teachers, who are rule breakers and value creators”. In my opinion, “rule breaker” and “value creator” have the meaning of relationship - orientation, not driving people by rules or forcing them to do, but building the shared values and norms that people all follow. I want to be a teacher – leader because my leadership goals are: (1) successfully inspiring...
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