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Topics: Controversy, Controversies, Dental hygienist Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: March 17, 2013
What is your major, or what are thinking about majoring in? Why have you chosen this area of study? I am majoring in Dental Assisting. Since I was a little girl my dream job was to be a Neonatal Nurse but as high school was coming to an end and college was approaching, I decided last minute to switch to Dental Hygiene. I chose not to major in nursing because the program seemed impossible to get into, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be a nurse for the rest of my life. Also if I were to be in a Nursing program I would have to do so much other tasks that are not involved with Neonatal Nursing that the time spent in college would be twice as many years as a Dental program. Choosing a major/career at such a young age is difficult and I still am not sure that I want to work in a Dentist’s office or if it’s the right field for me so I am hoping to get a better understanding of what it’s like to be an assistant or hygienist when I do observation hours. The only thing I knew about Dental Hygiene is that the wages are decent, so based on the above I decided to major in Dental. I am hoping that this choice was a good one and I have a rewarding career in my future. Read some magazines or newspapers (paper or online) and list three headlines that capture your interest. Explain why they interest you.

1. I found the headline titled “Germs” extremely interesting because being aware of germs is a part of my daily life. I constantly wash my hands even if they are not dirty, I feel like they are dirty. The fun but not so funny facts and statistics throughout history were really interesting. 2. Turning Points is a letter from the Editor of allure magazine; this headline interested me because it is about make-overs for women that do not put much effort into their looks. I am all for beauty and fashion and I love getting dressed up and looking nice so I thought it was something that I could put into my daily life. 3. The headline “Flu now widespread in 47 states,...
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