Personal Interest Research: Learning and Memory

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Personal Interest Research: Learning and Memory
Donna Hoffman
BSHS 371
November 9, 2012
Kimberly Anderson

Personal Interest Research: Learning and Memory
As people develop into middle and older adulthood many begin to take an interest in doing the things, which pertain to keeping his or her bodies and faces looking fresh and young. Some people will buy exercise equipment, start gym memberships, and change their diets. Other people will buy facial products, hair dyes, and may contemplate plastic surgery to enhance physical appearance attempting to appear younger than they are. A factor many people are taking for granted are their cognitive skills. Preparing the brain for middle age and older adulthood development is important for people to remain cognizant so he or she may continue to possess healthy learning and memory skills in these stages of life. Few people may realize that cognitive decline can start in young adulthood and can affect healthy educated adults in their 20’s and 30’s (Salthouse, 2009). This is a controversial issue among researchers as many believe cognitive decline does not occur until later in life in the 50’s and 60’s and for some people not until he or she has reached their 70’s (Salthouse, 2009). People have heard over the years that as people age the memory will decline, and people will become forgetful, or the brain becomes sluggish no longer as alert or focused as in young adulthood. Some people may expect memory decline as he or she ages into middle and older adulthood and may not take any precautions to avoid cognitive decline. This is a mistake because just as the body needs exercise to remain healthy so does the brain. People should not assume that learning stops because he or she has reached a certain age. Importance lies in keeping the brain learning and that stimulating the brain with challenges, assists in the stimulation of processes in the brain cells causing communication within the brain (Harvard Health...
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