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Topics: English-language films, Learning, 2008 singles Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: January 21, 2008
Achievement Examination 7
Writing Project: Unit 4
English For Life & Work-I (EN01A)


I sometimes wonder where I would be today if I hadn't had the learning experiences that I have been through in my life. No matter what the situation, I have tried to make the right decisions, by doing what is right for me, or my family. The toughest experience I went through, that caused me to learn something about myself was in December of '07. I lost my job in November. My fiancé is a construction worker who had very little work. By the middle of December all of our bills were past due by three months or more. On top of everything else, we were being evicted from our house. My fiancé, I, and our three children had nowhere to go. I was going through emotional hell! I was losing my house. It was two weeks before Christmas, and we had no money to buy gifts for our children. On top of all of this I felt like a complete failure, because I could not provide for our three children. I am an independent and proud individual. I had to realize that after exhausting all of my possibilities I had to swallow my pride and ask for help from an outside source. The only person I knew that could help was my mother. I decided to call my mother. I asked her if we could stay with her until my fiancé and I could get back on our feet. Granted all she had was a spare bedroom and it was going to be tough to put up two adults, three children, a cat, a snake, and a large dog. She told us to move all of our stuff into storage, keep the bare minimum and we could stay at her house. So that is what we did. I am still at my mother's house. What I learned about myself through this experience is that though the situation seemed hopeless that with faith, love, and family I was able to overcome a hopeless situation.
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