Personal Hygiene Survey

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  • Published : April 11, 2012
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Health Topic: Personal Hygiene

Subject A: Kate L., 7 years old, Willoughby, Student, 2nd Grade Subject B: Lisa C., 31 years old, Willowick, School Psychologist, Master’s Degree Subject C: Linda W., 63 years old, Concord, Medical Lab Technician, Associate’s Degree

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1. Do you brush your teeth? How often? At what time?
A. Yes, Twice a day, morning and before bed.
B. Yes, Twice a day, morning and before bed.
C. Yes, Twice a day, morning and night.
2. Do you take showers or bathes? How often? Morning or night? A. Bathes, 4 times a week, after dinner, but not on Fridays. B. Showers, once a day, 7 days of the week, mornings.
C. Showers, once a day, 6 days of the week, mornings.
3. How often do you wash your hands? Do you tend to wash them before or after meals, or both? A. Only when I need to.
B. 5-10 times a day. Before meals.
C. 10-15 times a day. Before and after meals.
4. How often do you trim your nails? Hands, feet, or both? Bite them or cut with trimmers? A. Kids bite their nails.
B. Once a week, hands and feet with trimmers.
C. Hands once a week, and feet every 2-3 weeks with trimmers. 5. How often do you wash your bath towels? Your bed sheets and bedding? A. My mom does that.
B. Bath towels once a week, and bedding every 2-3 weeks.
C. Bath towels once a week, and bedding about every 3 weeks. Woloszynek Page 3

I chose to pick my health topic on personal hygiene. I feel it is something important to people, and it is a daily activity that we all should do. I chose three female subjects with varying ages, levels of education, and jobs. I asked them a series of five questions based on personal hygiene and found some interesting similarities and differences amongst them. I found in my survey, of these women, that all subjects shared the same tendency to brush their teeth twice daily. Subject A...
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