Personal Hygiene in Child Care

Topics: Hygiene, Cleanliness, Hand washing Pages: 3 (678 words) Published: February 12, 2011
Written assignment 1: Resource File Project

Personal Hygiene

Chosen Age Group: Toddlers – Fred

Skills and procedures:
In relation to Personal Hygiene, i would need to be familiar with the following Centre policies and the Regulation because they have been specifically designed to ensure Health, Safety and Hygiene and to maintain the best possible care for Fred:

• Policy 19 – Staff Yearly Checkups
• Policy 20 – Centre Management Information on Health • Policy 36 – Dental Policy
• Policy 47 – Child Health

In conjunction with parents I would regularly check Fred’s fingernails upon arrival and advise parent if fingernails need cutting to prevent their child from scratching another child or themselves.

Upon arrival I would also check that Fred’s hair is tied back and out of face if necessary to avoid impairing Fred’s sight and cause accidents. I would also need to be alert to any discomfort or scratching to Fred’s head/hair for possibility of Head lice infection.

Although it is a policy not to include Teeth cleaning in the program of the centre, I would regularly educate Fred and his parents of the importance of regular teeth hygiene by dispersing pamphlets as well as singing songs and doing activities with Fred about teeth cleaning.

I would also need to be alert to Fred’s bathing and showing upkeep to ensure it is being done regularly i.e. I would look out for constant Body odor. If this were to happen I would take it up with my director to see what the next step to take would be in order to maintain Fred’s well being.

Developing Independence;

I would develop a routine of showing Fred how to maintain personal hygiene by; • Covering his mouth when he coughs/sneezes
• Blowing his nose with a tissue and disposing of it correctly • Washing his hands upon arrival and departure to and from the centre • Washing hands before and after meals and after toileting • Washing hands in between transition periods...
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