Personal Hygiene/ Beauty Products

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Uses and Effects of Personal Hygiene Beauty Products


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Specialist Products (Shampoo and Body wash)page 4
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The term personal hygiene means to enhance one's physical appearance or appeal for others, by removing obvious imperfections in one's appearance. Personal Hygiene is very important in many cultures across the globe. In this project I will be discussing personal hygiene products within the beauty industry. These products can be used at home or in a salon or spa. Personal Hygiene includes the following.

Washing the body using bubble bath, shower gel etc
Washing the hair using shampoo
Cleaning of nails and hands with hand wash
Washing the face using facial washes and scrubs
Oral hygiene, taking care of the teeth and gums, and treating or preventing bad breath including daily brushing (with toothpaste) and flossing the teeth, to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. This also helps to treat and prevent bad breath cosmetic care of the body, such as shaving and other forms of depilation.

Shampoo is a common hair care product used for the removal of oils and sebum, dirt, skin particles, dandruff, environmental pollutants, build up of hair product and other contaminant particles that gradually build up in hair. The goal is to remove the unwanted build-up without stripping out so much as to make hair unmanageable. There are dozens of different brands to choose from when choosing a shampoo, and even more types within those brands. The same goes for conditioners. Conditioners are meant to add shine, protect hair from drying out and allow for easier combing.

Popular Brands of Shampoo
Pantene Pro-V
Herbal Essences
Head and Shoulders
Garnier Fructis

Types of Shampoo
There are many shampoo types when considering specific hair types, these each have different active ingredients. Curly/wavy - Example - Curly Treatment shampoo by curly hair solutions This shampoo is a concentrate of panthenol and magnesium that strengthens the hair's elasticity (the ability for the hair to stretch without breaking). Silk amino acids were added to soften and repair even the roughest hair cuticle. Treatment Shampoo will deposit generous amounts of ingredients that are essential in rebuilding chemically damaged hair. Its effects are lasting and with continuous use will ensure healthy strong and fuller hair. Treatment Shampoo will dramatically prolong the results of colouring, perming and relaxing hair. Coloured - Example - Davines Alchemic Shampoo for Coloured hair Main Active Ingredients:

Mild surfactants: Gently and carefully cleanse both hair and hair colour. Hydrolyzed milk protein: For an intense conditioning and protective action. Provitamin B5: For a deep moisturising effect

Olive oil peg-7 esters: Derived from olive oil, restores the natural hydro-lipid balance, leaving hair that is healthy and protected. pH 5.3
Frizz prone/ rebellious - Example - Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo This shampoo is specially formulated to nourish, smooth and soften harsh, frizzy hair. It delicately cleanses hair with a special blend of natural active ingredients containing intensive moisturizing and smoothing properties that respect the hair’s internal structure making it more manageable and easier to comb. It is infused with Indian Fig Extract to soften and smooth, and Olive Oil Peg 7 Ester to recover the moisture-lipid level which is essential for dry, frizzy strands. This essential moisture is vital for reducing the hair’s aging process that results from dehydration. Added Rice Proteins keep hair protected from environmental elements while eliminating static. Fine/flat - Example - PhytoVolume Shampoo

Phytovolume is a volumizer shampoo for fine, limp, lifeless hair. Crustacean shell extract increase the moisture...
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