Personal Health Asssesment

Topics: Nutrition, Health care, Medicine Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: April 13, 2009
{text:bookmark-start} Personal Health Assessment {text:bookmark-end} Now that I have talked about the three dimensions that are my strongest which of the three remaining dimension of health do I feel I need improvement? Out of physical wellness, emotional wellness, and environmental/planetary wellness I feel I need improvement in my physical wellness. Now why is this? I feel that I have bad eating habits I exercise but, I don’t exercise enough. I don’t get regular medical checkups and I know I’m doing wrong by not taking care of myself. I need to change the way I take care of myself if I want to live a long healthy life. What kind of personal choices can I change to improve my health? For starters I need to watch what I eat, I need to drink more water and eat healthier basically stop eating junk food that is just not helping my body. Also I need to exercise more, I use the treadmill for 30minutes everyday but, I feel that isn’t doing very good. I need to go outside have more physical activity in my life. I use to go to the gym but, after the prices in gas went up I stopped and let myself go. But the main thing is I need to stop making excuses for not taking care of my body and myself! What do I want to learn in this course? What I really want to learn in this class is how to take care of myself and my body. How to eat healthy and how to prevent diseases? I’m really looking forward to starting this class and know I will learn a lot of new things!
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