Personal Growth from Teaching Practice

Topics: Education, Learning, Teacher Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Fatma yehia zakaria
Linguistics 268
Reflection paper 3
Personal Growth

The purpose of education is to increase the person's knowledge, and more importantly to enhance the personal abilities and skills and make them more capable to meet the life challenges. Our university is one of the few educational foundations in Egypt which focuses mainly on improving the abilities and skills of students and preparing them properly for the real life. it was successful to achieve its aim through the liberal educational system which it offers to its students and the practicality in the courses which is taught in the university. The linguistics course as well as any other course in the university contains a practical part; however, the practical part is the main part of the course. Therefore, we were able to gain the real life experience by teaching the workers. This course has enhanced a lot my traits as it gave me more self confidence, better presentation skills and sense of responsibility. Therefore, this course benefited me with desirable traits for teaching the workers and altered my perception of myself and the society.

Patientce and being able to communicate effectively with others are two essential personal strengths acquired through taking this course. These traits are important for teaching the workers and for the real life situations. Patience in teaching is believed to be accepting to repeat the explanation again and again without being bored and waiting for the answers from your students without saying the answers. I was taught to be more patient to be a good teacher. For instance, at the beginning of my teaching classes I was not used to wait for the answers from my students and I used to answer them; however, when the professor asked me to wait for thirty second, it worked and the student was able to answer. So by being more patient, the student has better opportunity to answer the questions and comprehend the information explained better by...
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