Personal Growth

Topics: Affect, Self, Identity Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: October 27, 2011
Personal Growth in Muriel’s Wedding and Yolngu Boy.

Through a discussion of both films Muriel’s Wedding directed by P.J Hogan and Yolngu Boy directed by Stephen Johnson different issues affecting the personal growth of characters can be seen. This essay will focus on the issues of family, friendship and place which throughout both films affect and influence the personal growth and development of both the characters of Muriel Heslop and Botj. The issue of family in the film Muriel’s wedding affects the personal growth and development of Muriel’s sense of self and identity. Muriel is constantly bullied and made to feel inadequate and is seen as nothing but a ‘useless dole bludger’ in the eyes of her father Bill Heslop. In the Chinese restaurant scene in the beginning section of the film Muriel defends her status as ‘dole bludger’ and attempts to impress her father by telling him that she has got an apprentice job interview in which he replies harshly ‘Aren’t you a bit old to be an apprentice’. With Bill’s response and a constant referral to the fact that ‘She can’t even type’ Muriel is left feeling deflated, rejected and has an awareness that she is considered an embarrassment to her father. The line ‘You’re terrible Muriel’ heard throughout the film also signifies an affect to Muriel’s personal growth as she is always seen as doing something wrong or inadequate by her father and family. The constant bullying and rejection by Bill and the family affects the personal growth of Muriel and results in her lack of confidence and sense of self worth. The issue of friendship also affects the personal growth and development of Muriel’s character through the film. The friendship between Muriel and Rhonda results in a positive influence to Muriel’s personal growth and character, the bullying and rejection that Muriel received when she was friends with Tanya and the girls stops. Rhonda provides encouragement and support to Muriel and is an active force in the development...
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