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  • Published : November 10, 2012
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Knowledge is such a powerful tool that possessing it can increase one’s values in society. A college or university makes us complete and helps us to lead a successful life. Personal Growth is defined as the development of someone’s character (Longman, 2010). In other words personal growth refers to self development or improvement whether economically, intellectually or emotionally. I want to enroll in an institution which could ideally offer me the best opportunities as far as attaining my full personal growth is concerned. Therefore I have chosen Monroe College to acquire my personal growth.

There are several things that I hope to achieve with regards to my personal and professional path that are important for me as a person. In the achievement of these goals I see a college education as an important factor with an equally important role to play. This is seen as a strong foundation that will serve as the ladder for my higher aspirations.

This leads to the question, WHY STUDY ABROAD? Studying at Monroe College will enable me to experience a totally different life in contacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. This is the opportunity of a life time. Stepping outside of my own culture enables increased cultural tolerance and understanding and also facilitates lasting relationships. In addition I will be able to gain some enriching experience in an international community and at the cutting edge of technology.

Furthermore, I will be challenged in unique and unmatched ways encouraging my personal growth on an emotional level strengthening my sense of independence and engaging me as a global citizen. On the professional side having an international intercultural experience can be a “stand out” feature in my job search placing me above other candidates. The Monroe College Mission Statement asserts that the college provides professional career oriented higher...
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