Personal Goal Setting Worksheet

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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First you must ANALYZE what you want to achieve in different areas of life. To achieve these goals you must WRITE them down and CONSIDER them carefully. When you do not have goals, it is like a ship without a rudder and your life will definitely lack direction. The goal setting worksheet will assist you to define what is important to you and also determines how you will accomplish them. Goal can be divided into three types.

Goal can be divided into three categories.
1. Long term goals [5-10years] 2. Medium term goals [2-5years] 3. Short term goals [6months to 2 years] Types of Goals
Financial Goals

Educational Goals

Acquire financial skill

Complete a certificate or degree programme

Earn a specified amount of money at a particular time

Enrol for an adult education program

Setup an investment portfolio

Acquire relevant IT skills

Setup a savings plan

Acquire soft skills like…interpersonal, team building,

Contribute to a retirement fund.


Career Goals

Family Goals

Learn a new skill

Do you want to be a good parent?

Earn an MBA or a Msc degree

Are you hoping to have children and what will be your family size?

Earn a professional certificate

Desire to have a life partner

Get a promotion to top management level

Achieve a happy and fulfilled marriage

Advancement or change in career in a specified time
Setup a retirement plan

Health and Fitness Goals

Recreation Goals

Eat nutritious food

Create time to unwind

Have regular exercise such as walking, jogging etc

Plan a trip

Join a fitness club

Have enough sleep

Have a biannual medical check-up

Join a recreation club

Quit smoking and drinking

Watch a football or tennis game
Plan for a hobby

Community Goals

Spiritual Goals

Join a volunteer group

Desire to get connected to your creator

What can you contribute to improve the area where you...
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