Personal freedom

Topics: Human rights, Democracy, Freedom of speech Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: May 4, 2014
The personal freedom notion has changed vastly over the years from the harm principle to the notion of basic rights. Cobley suggest that in this day and age, these principles will not allow us to have maximum freedom. On the other hand, suggest that only by giving up all our freedom to the government, then we can maximize our freedom. I am largely convinced by his reasons why total freedom should be given to the government as the democratic government has proven to be able to fully optimize the freedom of our society. From paragraph 5 in line 58-61, Cobley suggest ‘ ill-health ignorance...factors’ are the factors preventing equality and liberty. He believes that ‘fraternity’ will help to reconcile both factors and eventually allow liberty. This is because these factors allow the clever and the strong to gain unfair advantages. And only by caring for each other, these unfair advantages will be shared equally, and hence allow equal opportunities for all. By allowing equal opportunities for all, this allows the people to have freedom to compete equally. I am largely not convinced by his view of freedom, as it is an ideal state and not practical. In order to get the general rich population to share their advantage to the disadvantage is improbable and far from practical. This is because men are generally selfish and to care for complete strangers is not common in society. This point can be further strengthening by numerous examples of the stronger and smarter – not caring- but exploiting the poor. For example, many years back in Singapore, it was revealed that the chief executive officer of NKF – a charity fund – misused the finds of the charity to fund his luxurious lifestyle. This goes to show that the rich in general are unlikely candidates to show their care and concern for the poor. I however feel this responsibility should be given to the government through means such as heavy taxes onto the rich. I feel that this is the only way to ensure freedom to have...
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