Personal Finance and Financial Statements

Topics: Personal finance, Financial statements, Decision making Pages: 10 (1801 words) Published: April 3, 2011

Unit: Unit 2 – Managing Financial Resources and Decisions
Learning Hours: 60 Hours.
Self-learning hours: 90 hours.
Course: HND Business
Lecturer: Mrs. Verifier:

Learners Name
Registration Number
Learners Declaration: I certify that the work submitted for this unit is my own:

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The Following Sections to be completed by the assessor:
Center Name:
Center Number:

Please note that the assessors signature below denotes conformation that he/she has in no way influenced the outcome of the assessment:

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Has the unit been Internally Verified? Y/N Date of verification:
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Unit Outcomes

OutcomeEvidence for the criteria to pass. FeedbackAssessors decisionInternal verification.

Task: I

Explore the sources of finance available for the business
Identify the sources of finance available for the businessP1.1
P1.2. assess the implications of the different sourcesP1.2
P1.3- select appropriate sources of finance for the business project
P2. Analyze the implication of finance as a resource within the business

P2.1. assess and compare the costs of different sources of finance P2.1
P2.2.explain the importance of financial planningP2.2
2.3. describe the information needs of different decision makersP2.3
2.4. Describe the impact of finance on the financial statements.P2.4

P3. Make financial decisions based on financial information

P3.1- analyze budgets and make appropriate decisions
P3.2- calculate unit costs and make pricing decisions using relevant information

P3.3- assess the viability of a project using investment appraisal techniques P3.3
P4. Analyze and evaluate the financial performance of a businessP4.1 Explain the purpose of the main financial statements P4.1
P4.2 describe the differences between the formats of financial statements for different types of businessP4.2
P4.3analyse financial statements using appropriate ratios and comparisons, both internal and external.P4.3

Merit grades awarded


Distinction grades awarded


Any other comments:

Grade given by the tutor:
Pass Merit Distinction

Tutors Signature:

IV Grading Check: Comments if any: Agree Disagree Modify grade to

IV signature:

Students feedback:

Student Signature: Date:

1.Use a standard report structure.
2.Word-process the report.
3. Use Normal script.
4.Use Harvard referencing system.
5.Produce an academic report, detailing above issues with word limit of 4000 words. 6.Complete the title page and sign the statement of authenticity. 7.Submit the document in a folder in the form of a file.

8.Submit the work to Mrs. Nazia the admin officer and sign the submission form of the college. Late submission will be accepted only to prior permission with a justifiable reason. Late submission must be with the late submission form. 9.Collusion and Plagiarism must be avoided.

10.Start each answer on a new page.
11.Highlight each question clearly.
12.Pages should be numbered.
13.Assignment sheet should be attached in the front.
14.Bibliography at the end of the assignment.
15. All work should be comprehensively referenced and all sources must be acknowledged fully, as books and journals, websites etc--.Try to...
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