Personal Experience Speech

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Rescuing a Friend

I. Good evening class, my name is Neil Biafore. How many people here know someone who owns a German Shepherd. Tonight I’m going to share with you the story of a dog that I rescued who turned in to a life-changing experience.

II. It started the summer of 2011, in the middle of Mount Clemens. I had just moved into my first house. After living in three different apartments, in the past three years, having neighbors above and below was getting a little old. I would be living here for a while, and thought maybe I could use a pet. The first thing that came to my mind was to get a dog

Transition: I didn’t know what breed; I just knew I wanted a dog.


I. At first, I thought I would just go out and buy one at the local pet store, but as soon as I communicated that with my girlfriend, I soon found out about the dreaded puppy mills. Puppy mills are a term used by dog advocates, for farms that are usually located in rural areas where dogs are bread purely for-profit. This creates a number of problems for the dogs and for the people who buy them. Most puppy mills are run by Amish people who live in a rural area where they are bread then sold in local auctions and then transported sometimes thousands of miles to suburban pet stores. By the end of that night my girlfriend had made me a puppy expert

Transition: It was then I knew my best bet would be to rescue a dog.

II. My problem now was that I still wasn’t sure what kind of dog I wanted. I knew that I wanted a larger dog, something about smaller breeds just didn’t appeal to me. To help me decide what kind of dog I wanted, I started reading up on all kinds of dog articles and dog books, about every kind of large breed dog. After doing my homework on dog breeds I still couldn’t decide what kind of dog I wanted. Then my girlfriend gave me the idea to visit the local animal shelter to help me decide. This seemed to be one of the best given ideas for the situation....
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