Personal Experience Speech

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  • Published : February 5, 2013
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Personal Experience Speech

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To let the audience know how I dealt with losing my mother to drugs.

Central Idea: My mother was raised by drug addict and alcoholic, left Israel for better life and still followed down the wrong path.

I. Attention Material

A. Do you know anyone who has lost their loved ones to drugs?
B. Eight years ago I lost my mother to a long battle with drugs.

II. Orienting Material

A. There are more than 22 million Americans ages 12 and older addicted to drugs.

B. When I lost my mother it not only affected my life but the lives of the people that surrounded us.


I. My mother was abandoned by her mother Israel.

A.My mom tried to get a better life but drugs too powerful.

B. My grandmother died year before I was born, my mom died year before my daughter born. II. I tried to help my mom the best I could.

A. There are many programs available for addicts and the people who are affected.

B. Be willing to let them know you love and support them.


I. Summary

A. Drugs affect not only the user but the people surrounding them.

B. When helping an addict you have to be willing to help them and not treat them as a child. They have a real problem.

II. Clincher

A. I always knew I would lose my mother one day but not as soon as I did.

B. I pray every day that no one has to encounter the loss that my family has. My family is a blessing and so was my mother.
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